Monday, May 07, 2007

The Oracle of Azkaban: The Wisdom of the Wise

The Oracle of Azkaban: The Wisdom of the Wise

How utterly strange. Earlier today I was mentioning you as one of the guys I'd like to do a keynote at the Miracle Oracle Open World (MOOW) conference in September here in Denmark. And then I receive this update from LinkedIn that you've switched to SAP.

What's your new email, then?

Best regards,


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day in Finland...

Tuomas Pystynen had organised a splendid one-day conference in "Corona Baari" in Helsinki on Monday the 30th of April.

Speakers included Heikki (the guy behind InnoDB which was bought by Oracle), the DUDE-guy Kurt, the always crazy Piet de Visser, Michael Möller of Miracle and other good people.

Guests included Scary Hairy Ari, world-famous for his quote from the last Miracle Database Forum in Lalandia: "I think I need to find Finland" and about 40 other good people.

After the conference, we walked around a bit before having dinner in a Russian restaurant with - you guessed it - a few glasses of vodka and other niceties.

The next day, Tuesday, was the 1st of May and a beautiful day with blue skies and not-too-cold weather. Everyone who had ever graduated with a "student exam" or a "polytechnical exam" were wearing their traditional student caps while having champagne and other liquids in a nice park.

Tuomas had arranged for lunch in a very nice traditional restaurant called Cosmos where a female accordion player made a lasting impression on us.

And then home to Copenhagen Tuesday night. Tired, but happy about the whole thing.

Tuomas used the occasion (it was 10 years to the day since he started his own company Deepbase) to announce that he is starting up Miracle Finland Oy.

That should work!