Saturday, November 04, 2006

M2M and Oracle Legacy

Money-to-Miracle (M2M) is my tongue-in-cheek way of saying that you might need assistance from consultants, thereby spending money, thereby giving my fantastic company money.

So I predicted in the original YPDNR paper that you would need (expensive and specialised) consultants if you were going to use RAC.

Was that true? And if yes, is it still true?

RAC was introduced in Oracle9i, making it RAC version 1.0. Conventional wisdom has it that you should attempt not to run any software in version 1.0.

Fortunately, RAC was based solidly on OPS, which was partly put into version 5 (five!) of Oracle and officially introduced in version 6.0.35 a.k.a. version 6.2, and so it worked pretty much as planned from the beginning. But you certainly needed special skills setting it up and, to a lesser extent, running it. Those skills were hard to come by back then. So yes, M2M.

With the RAC implementations of Oracle10g (especially 10gR2) many things have become much easier, including installation and administration. Also, due to the perhaps 1500 RAC installations worldwide , there are now more RAC-trained people than ever before.

However, something happened: The Oracle DBA world has become a legacy world. It’s the same (older and older) people meeting each other at the conferences and writing to each other in magazines and on mailing lists.

No new, fresh faces show up. Our children want to write game software or design mobile phones instead of becoming Mainframe tape operators or Oracle DBA’s.

Also, the old DBA’s are beginning to either leave the field because they see a brighter future somewhere else, or because they retire or are being diluted, working with other databases, managing application servers and handling storage issues as well as being an Oracle DBA.

Combine that with the surge in IT-spending we’re experiencing at the time of writing (2006), and you can perhaps see the irony in companies hiring super experts from Miracle for ordinary DBA tasks. They cannot find the qualified people anymore.

There’s money in Legacy for years to come, make no mistake about that, and we’re talking a lot of money and we’re talking a lot of years. Just stay on top, stay focused, and don’t get scared about all those other people around you learning all sorts of new programming languages and databases.

Take pride in the fact that Oracle is still by far the best database on the market. Just as the IBM Mainframe or the AS400 are still by far the most stable IT platforms on the market, or the fact that VMS is a fantastic operating system.

So perhaps Oracle is the mainframe of databases, and perhaps PL/SQL is the Cobol of databases – but you won’t find a more stable, scalable, tuneable and widely used platform for database-centric solutions.

According to my Second Law, Oracle will, therefore, be replaced with something less stable and performing. That happens to all technologies that reach a state of perfection.

So you probably don’t need the same amount of specialised consulting skills for setting up and running RAC. But the ordinary skills just got harder to find. Which is why I quote the famous Vera Lynn song to new RAC customers:

We'll meet again,
Don't know where,
Don't know when,
But I know
We'll meet again
Some sunny day.


Blogger Daniel Fink said...

A friend and former colleague contacted me about a position for a great company here in Denver. They need a "Junior/Mid DBA" to perform support functions, learn the company's application, assist with development...and they can't find anyone who is not a 'Senior' DBA. I don't know any DBAs who have less than 5 years experience!

We are Legacy.
We are Bitter Old Men.


6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..The (boomer) generation? :)

4:15 AM  
Blogger Gints said...

Speaking about the second law - probably XE will extend Oracle life for a while :), it is small, clickable - more similar as today's developers like - click, clack everything ready.
I even started to deal with a completely charity project on XE and till now found (~3 evenings experience ) that this click, clack works at least initially :))

4:05 AM  
Blogger Noons said...

"or the fact that VMS is a fantastic operating system"?

Now, now, Moans: let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Seriously: the shortage of basic and medium skills in the dba world is a logical and perfectly obvious consequence of the sheer lunacy the IT scene has been since the tech wreck.

No one in his right mind would consider investing a future career in a technology area that has such widespread lack of support from its major beneficiary: Oracle and Larry.

Then again, the folks who invested heavily in j2ee technology are starting to feel the pangs as well: I get enquiries from them about possible work just about every week!

So yes: demand increases, offer diminishes, prices increase.

The need for experienced dbas won't disappear overnight, nor soon. And those who expected that vanishing to happen overnight have once again shot themselves on the foot.

While the "left over legacy" folks laugh all the way to the bank! I've never seen such high prices paid for full time senior dbas. To the point where it is not worth even considering contract work: full time is paying plenty enough.

And such ridiculous low prices paid for entry point, inexperienced folks.

I love it when logic succeeds. Hey, don't blame me: I didn't create the situation. But for once, I intend to take full advantage of it: not my fault if idiots want to shoot themselves down. :-)

4:40 PM  
Blogger Moans Nogood said...

Oh man, Dan, I can see the T-shirt:

Bitter, Old Legacy Man
And Damn Proud of IT

Or something :-).

Gints: Thanks for that observation: I think you just might be right. Hey, they all just want persistent storage, no matter what shape and form...

And finally, Noons, you're the Man. Brilliant insights. Thanks.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Also, the old DBA’s are beginning to either leave the field because they see a brighter future somewhere else

hey, I resemble that remark (although I'll get you for that "old" comment, I'm not old, I'm well-seasoned)

The DBA world, at least the corporate version I was in, became repetitive and boring. Not at all like what I'm doing these days.

Nice to know I might actually be in the "first-adopters" group about something!

5:23 PM  
Anonymous RUmburak said...

"According to my Second Law, Oracle will, therefore, be replaced with something less stable and performing. That happens to all technologies that reach a state of perfection."


Java Swing Client vs. Oracle Forms
XML Publisher vs. Oracle Reports

When Oracle started their first aggressive marketing campaigns in the early 90s they published an advertising where they showed us how much code we need when we use Sybase (pages) and how much code we need when we use pl/sql (few lines) to do the same thing. That's it! And nothing else!

Nowadays we fight the battle with these Java guys (enormous code, slower, side effects but "standard") - But now Oracle leaves us on the lurch.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Christo Kutrovsky said...

My observation about Oracle DBA's age is different.

It's not that all Oracle DBA's are old. It's the position itself that presumes an older and more experienced person.

It's hard to be young and be a Senior Oracle DBA. Managers, in general, don't like to "trust" their systems to people that did not have plenty of "life" experience.

As someone young, it's hard to enter the Senior Oracle "user groups". You first need to secure funding to go to the conferences, and they are expensive.

And when you succeed in going, you discover yet more closed circles of invite-only Oracle elite social networks, like the Oak table.

Years must past before you can be invited to special dinner events, or all night technical discussions.

11:06 AM  
Blogger bill said...

And when you succeed in going, you discover yet more closed circles of invite-only Oracle elite social networks, like the Oak table.

well as one of the older DBAs. i for one, will never be a part of the Oak Table. but i've still sat at it, talkes with it's members, learned from them, laughed with them, and bought them drinks. so i guess i don't get this at all.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Christo Kutrovsky said...


You said it yourself. "As an older DBA".

It's just so much harder for young people.

It takes a lot of time.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Closson said...

Did you know that it is quite easy to make more money as a plumber in the Bay Area of California than a DBA? It is easier to get a DBA too.

Same goes for Java programmers.

I don't think the incentive is there to enter this field any more. And, honestly, it is not looked at as a trade, as it should be. Where is that DBA Guild again?

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Doug Burns said...


"And, honestly, it is not looked at as a trade, as it should be. Where is that DBA Guild again?"

Aha, a man after my own heart ;-),-science-and-DBA-craft.html


"Years must past before you can be invited to special dinner events, or all night technical discussions."

If I'm not mistaken, the oak table network has existed less than five years and at least one of it's members, Tanel Poder, strikes me as a young man so maybe age isn't the defining factor, despite Mogens' ongoing joke about old men?

However, I do probably have a tendency to look kindly on people who worked in IT when it was chosen as a vocation not a financially rewarding career. I'm not suggesting it isn't a vocation for you (not for a minute, having met you!), but I do meet a lot of young people who seem to care more about the career than the computers and, besides, maybe there are *some* benefits of experience?

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Doug Burns said...

That should have been ...


12:31 PM  
Blogger Noons said...

Christo, dude: as someone who has been on the Oracle dba circle since 1985 - I guess that makes me older than everyone else except Ken Jacobs... - I can tell you a few things for sure.

Open world and UG events? They were the "in" thing in the 80s and 90s. Nowadays, with the ease of information access of the Internet I wouldn't bother with them unless I was offered the entry price by someone else.

Oakies "closed"? Not really. Yeah, sure: they like to keep their inner sanctum private. Good for them, I'd do exactly the same in their circumstances. But rest assured: if you have a problem or question that is too hard to google a solution for, they are as accessible as the nearest email point.

Never had a problem in getting an answer from any one of them. And mostly for free. Well, I've got to put up with Moans and his VMS fixation, but I can live with that...

Now, THAT is value!

So, bro: hang in there. Study, ask questions, participate, give more than you take. And things will fall into place for you. Don't expect the universe in a nutshell: that doesn't exist.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Christo Kutrovsky said...


"Did you know that it is quite easy to make more money as a plumber in the Bay Area of California than a DBA? It is easier to get a DBA too."

I wish it was only in San Francisco. Drives me crasy. In my opinion, it takes so much more to be a DBA then a plumber. I would never underestimate the complexity of a plumbing. With all my respect to the professionals, I can name much more people that could do good in plumbing, then to be even get close to been a DBA.

Kevin, I guess we're reaching the point where we would take less pay just to do what we like to do.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Christo Kutrovsky said...


The fact that we are discussing age, means there is a problem in the field.

You even worded it strange, "strikes me" as in "unusualy", right?

Let's recap. Why would'nt a young person, looking in the future, choose the path to been an Oracle DBA ?
- In general, a DBA is regarded as a responsible and important position. Only people with experience should be considered
- A lot of overtime, emergencies and etc.
- Must have abilities to deal with vendors, management, developers and Oracle support (that's an art alone).
- Must have the resources to go to conferences (that's changing now, but until now)

It has too many variables to make this viable.

Doug, how many people do you know that are under 26 and manage multiple highly active, or high volume databases PRODUCTION databases?

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Doug Burns said...

"Doug, how many people do you know that are under 26 and manage multiple highly active, or high volume databases PRODUCTION databases?"

Oh, I agree it's rare, but my team lead isn't much older than that and has been doing so for some time. I simply don't accept that all DBAs are old men, just most of them.

I'm just saying that there's nothing about your age that would stop you doing any job, as you've proved yourself, and that age is no barrier to the oak table, which I thought you were implying.

3:06 AM  
Anonymous Christo Kutrovsky said...

Oh, dont get me wrong here.

I only used the OakTable as an example. It's the group with the best specialists out there. They are great guys.

I am in no way implying that OakTable doesn't accept young people.

It has to do with the general expectation of how an Oracle DBA should look like.

I am not saying it's impossible. I am saying it's been considered, and plays a role. A way of discrimation if you wish.

If there's 2 people with the exact same skill sets, and it's for a senior position, the person that's older will have an advantage.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Doug Burns said...

[i]If there's 2 people with the exact same skill sets, and it's for a senior position, the person that's older will have an advantage. [/i]

Until you're *too* old - think about that one too ;-)

12:59 PM  
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