Sunday, December 03, 2006

Meet Kevin

If you want to know about clusters and RAC and such, Kevin Closson is the man.

He's a member of the OakTable, was one of the guys that designed the Sequent computer, ported Oracle for a lot of years, and is now chief architect at Polyserve.

He has one HELL of a website, where you can learn so much about the Oracle technology stack you wouldn't believe it. As a warm-up, try this:


Anonymous Rumburak said...

And what does he say about your "You probalby don't need RAC!" proclamation?

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Kevin Closson said...

Good heavens I wish I could lay claim to being a designer of Sequent hardware, but I wasn't. Now how Oracle behaved on Sequent--that is an entirely different matter :-)

Thanks for the props, Mogens.

As for YPDNR, and about 99.42% of all other things, Mogens and I see eye to eye. That is a good thing!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Moans Nogood said...

Well, what do I way about YPDNR? That is also the question, I think.

According to Oracle, since an abbreviated form of the word NOT is present in the title (it can be found at the very end of the word "don't"), I must be against RAC.

In the article you'll find that I'm saying three things:

1. I love the RAC technology.
2. Most customers don't need it.
3. It is complex.

So a few customers really need it. Many more buy it, just like customers buy too much hardware or too many tools for home improvement.

Kevin's (Polyserve's) stuff makes life easier for those that need it (and of course also for those that buy it without really needing it :-) ), be they small or very big.

It used to be that you didn't get fired for buying IBM. Then it was Microsoft. Today, in the Oracle world, you don't get fired for buying RAC, and that's good for both Kevin and me :-))).

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what about the idea YPDNA ( asm )?

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Kevin Closson said...

YPDNA is a no-brainer. Of course you don't need ASM. It is completely optional and for that you should be quite thankful

3:20 PM  
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