Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RAC Alert Log Consolidation Script from M2

M2 - aka Michael Möller - of Miracle A/S has created a neat, little program for Oracle RAC (ab)users. Extremely open source. Windows only. Beta, until proven otherwise.

It will neatly display time-coordinated output from 2-8 alert logs side-by-side.

Send me an email at mno@MiracleAS.dk and I'll send you source and documentation.

Looks cool, Michael!



Blogger Msquare said...

From the Chief Project Manager of System Design of the RAC Synchro Reader: Source? Too embarrasing. This was a feasability/proof of concept (or RAD if you will). Curiously enough it works though, which is why you may try it.

The source will (probably) become available later, when it's cleaned up. I've got my pride

10:56 AM  
Blogger Christian said...

You can also find the source code and documentation here: http://www.miracleas.dk/index.asp?page=168&page2=159&page3=399

Best regards,

Christian Graversen

6:03 AM  
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